The Mayflower And Her Log, Complete, By Azel Ames

 -   (See Blossom's letter to Governor Bradford.
     Bradford's Letter Book, Plymouth Church Records, i. 42.) In his
     letter dated at Leyden - Page 40
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(See Blossom's Letter To Governor Bradford. Bradford's Letter Book, "Plymouth Church Records," I. 42.) In His Letter Dated At Leyden, December 15, 1625, He Says:

"God hath taken away my son that was with me in the ship MAYFLOWER when I went back again."

Edward Tilley (sometimes given the prefix of Master) his wife Ann are known to have been of the Leyden company. (Bradford's "Historie," p. 83.) It is doubtful if their "cousins," Henry Sampson and Humility Cooper, were of Leyden. They apparently were English kinsfolk, taken to New England with the Tilleys, very likely joined them at Southampton and hence were not of the SPEEDWELL'S passengers. Humility Cooper returned to England after the death of Tilley and his wife. That Mrs. Tilley's "given name" was Ann is not positively established, but rests on Bradford's evidence.

John Tilley (who is also sometimes called Master) is reputed a brother of Edward, and is known to have been - as also his wife - of the Leyden church (Bradford, Deane's ed. p. 83.) His second wife Bridget Van der Velde, was evidently of Holland blood, and their marriage is recorded in Leyden. Elizabeth Tilley was clearly a daughter by an earlier wife. He is said by Goodwin ("Pilgrim Republic," p. 32) to have been a "silk worker" Leyden, but earlier authority for this occupation is not found.

John Crackstone is of record as of the Leyden congregation. His daughter remained there, and came later to America.

John Crackstone, Jr., son of above. Both were SPEEDWELL passengers.

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