The Mayflower And Her Log, Complete, By Azel Ames

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Patent (which displaced the Wincob) was rendered worthless by the
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The So-Called "Pierce Patent" (Which Displaced The Wincob) Was Rendered Worthless By The Landing Of The Pilgrims North Of 41 Deg.

North latitude.

The third Patent (Pierce's second) was from the Council for New England to Pierce, for the colonists, but was exchanged by him for a "deed-pole" to himself, though at last surrendered to the colony under stress.


All business without any agreement in writing Anxiety to get English clothes upon their red brethren As 1620 did not begin until March 25 Borowed houres from their sleep Crime - for such it was, in inception, nature, and results Forks there were none Genius, - proverbially indifferent to detail Lanterns - only "serving to make darkness visible" Malevolence rarely exercised except toward those one has wronged Meat was held by the napkin while being cut with the knife Not to be too bussie in answering matters, before they know them Old Style and the New Style dates Personal inference rather than a verity Redier to goe to dispute, then to sett forwarde Sorie I am to hear it, yet contente to beare it The old adage, "second thief best owner" Theft of the MAY-FLOWER colony Thinke ye best of all, and bear with patience what is wanting Transplantation to the "northern parts of Virginia" Welcome lies acquired a hold on the public mind

End of The Mayflower and Her Log, Complete, by Azel Ames

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