The Mayflower And Her Log, Complete, By Azel Ames

 -  - [Bradford adds in a note, It is
well for them yt this was not accepted.] - This we hope is sufficente - Page 330
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- [Bradford Adds In A Note, "It Is Well For Them Yt This Was Not Accepted."] - This We Hope Is Sufficente To Satisfie Any In This Case, Espetialy Freinds, Since We Are Asured Yt If The Whole Charge Was Devided Into 4.

Parts, 3.

Of them will not stand upon it, nether doe regarde it, &c. We are in shuch a streate at presente, as we are forced to sell away 60li. worth of our provissions to cleare ye Haven [Southampton] & withall put our selves upon great extremities, scarce haveing any butter, no oyle, not a sole to mend a shoe, nor every man a sword to his side, wanting many muskets, much armoure, etc. And yet we are willing to expose our selves to shuch eminente dangers as are like to insue, & trust to ye good providence of God, rather then his name & truth should be evill spoken of for us. Thus saluting all of you in love, and beseeching ye Lord to give a blesing to our endeavore, and keepe all our harts in ye bonds of peace & love, we take leave & rest, Yours, &c

Aug. 3. 1620.

["It was subscribed with many names of ye cheefest of ye company." - Bradford, "Historie," Mass. ed. p. 77.]


To his loving friend Ed[ward] S[outhworth] at Henige House, in ye Duks Place [London], these, &c.

Dartmouth [Thursday] Aug. 17, [Anno 1620.]

Loving friend, my most kind remembrance to you & your wife, with loving E. M. &c. whom in this world I never looke to see againe.

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