The Mayflower And Her Log, Complete, By Azel Ames

 -   It is possible, of course,
that Cushman's wife and son came on the SPEEDWELL from Delfshaven; but is
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It Is Possible, Of Course, That Cushman's Wife And Son Came On The SPEEDWELL From Delfshaven; But Is Not Probable.

Among the passengers, however, were some who, like Thomas Blossom and his son, William Ring, and others, abandoned the voyage to America at Plymouth, and returned in the pinnace to London and thence went back to Holland.

Deducting from the passenger list of the MAYFLOWER those known to have been of the English contingent, with Robert Cushman and family, and John Carver, we have a very close approximate to the SPEEDWELL'S company on her "departure from Delfshaven." It has not been found possible to determine with absolute certainty the correct relation of a few persons. They may have been of the Leyden contingent and so have come with their brethren on the SPEEDWELL, or they may have been of the English colonists, and first embarked either at London or at Southampton, or even at Plymouth, - though none are supposed to have joined the emigrants there or at Dartmouth.

The list of those embarking at Delfshaven on the SPEEDWELL, and so of the participants in that historic event, - a list now published for the first time, so far as known, - is undoubtedly accurate, within the limitations stated, as follows, being for convenience' sake arranged by families:

The Family of Deacon John Carver (probably in charge of John Howland), embracing: - Mrs. Katherine Carver, John Howland (perhaps kinsman of Carver), "servant" or "employee," Desire Minter, or Minther (probably companion of Mrs. Carver, perhaps kinswoman), Roger Wilder, "servant," "Mrs. Carver's maid" (whose name has never transpired).

Master William Bradford and Mrs. Dorothy (May) Bradford.

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