The Mayflower And Her Log, Complete, By Azel Ames

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                              the exploration of two creeks, great
                              numbers of wild fowl, the finding of much - Page 280
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The Master Reports A Long March, The Exploration Of Two Creeks, Great Numbers Of Wild Fowl, The Finding Of Much Corn And Beans,' Etc.

[This seems to be the first mention of beans (in early Pilgrim literature) as indigenous (presumably) to New England.

They have held an important place in her dietary ever since.]

THURSDAY, Nov. 30/Dec. 10 At anchor in harbor. Sent shallop to head of harbor with mattocks and spades, as desired by those ashore, the seamen taking their muskets also. The shallop came alongside at nightfall with the rest of the explorers - the tide being out - bringing a lot of Indian things, baskets, pottery, wicker-ware, etc., discovered in two graves and sundry Indian houses they found after the Master left them. They report ground frozen a foot deep.

FRIDAY, Dec. 1/11 At anchor, Cape Cod harbor. Carpenter finishing work on shallop. Colonists discussing locations visited, as places for settlement.

SATURDAY, Dec. 2/12 At anchor in harbor. Much discussion among colonists as to settlement, the Master insisting on a speedy determination. Whales playing about the ship in considerable numbers. One lying within half a musket-shot of the ship, two of the Planters shot at her, but the musket of the one who gave fire first blew in pieces both stock and barrel, yet no one was hurt. Fetched wood and water.

SUNDAY, Dec. 3/13 At anchor in Cape Cod harbor. The fourth Sunday here. Scarce any of those aboard free from vehement coughs, some very ill. Weather very variable.

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