The Mayflower And Her Log, Complete, By Azel Ames

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     command them, the patents they had being for Virginia, and not for
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For None Had Power To Command Them, The Patents They Had Being For Virginia, And Not For New-England Which Belonged To Another Government, With Which Ye London [Or First Virginia Company Had Nothing To Doe, And Partly That Such An Acte By Them Done .

. . Might be as firm as any patent, and in some respects more sure." Dr. Griffis is hardly warranted in making

Bradford to say, as he does (The Pilgrims in their Three Homes, p. 182), that "there were a few people I 'shuffled' in upon them the company who were probably unmitigated scoundrels." Bradford speaks only of Billington and his family as those "shuffled into their company," and while he was not improbably one of the agitators (with Hopkins) who were the proximate causes of the drawing up of the Compact, he was not, in this case, the responsible leader. It is evident from the foregoing that the "appearance of faction" did not show itself until the vessel's prow was turned back toward Cape Cod Harbor, and it became apparent that the effort to locate "near Hudson's River" was to be abandoned, and a location found north of 41 degrees north latitude, which would leave them without charter rights or authority of any kind. It is undoubtedly history that Master Stephen Hopkins, - then "a lay-reader" for Chaplain Buck, - on Sir Thomas Gates's expedition to Virginia, had, when some of them were cast away on the Bermudas, advocated just such sentiments - on the same basis - as were now bruited upon the MAY-FLOWER, and it could hardly have been coincidence only that the same were repeated here.

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