The Mayflower And Her Log, Complete, By Azel Ames

 -   The essential
fact, stated on this best of authority, is, that Mr. Weston and the
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The Essential Fact, Stated On This Best Of Authority, Is, That "Mr. Weston And The Chiefe Of Them [Their Sponsors,

I.e. Weston and Lord Warwick, both in league with Gorges] begane to incline to Gorges's new Council for New

England." Such an attitude (evidently taken insidiously) meant, on Weston's part, of necessity, no less than treachery to his associates of the Adventurers; to the (London) Virginia Company, and to the Leyden company and their allied English colonists, in the interest of Sir Ferdinando Gorges and his schemes and of the new "Council" that Gorges was organizing. Weston's refusal to advance "a penny" to clear the departing Pilgrims from their port charges at Southampton; his almost immediate severance of connection with both the colonists and the Adventurers; and his early association with Gorges, - in open and disgraceful violation of all the formers' rights in New England, - to say nothing of his exhibition of a malevolence rarely exercised except toward those one has deeply wronged, all point to a complete and positive surrender of himself and his energies to the plot of Gorges, as a full participant, from its inception. In his review of the Anniversary Address of Hon. Charles Francis Adams (of July 4, 1892, at Quincy), Daniel W. Baker, Esq., of Boston, says: "The Pilgrim Fathers were influenced in their decision to come to New England by Weston, who, if not the agent of Gorges in this particular matter, was such in other matters and held intimate relations with him."

The known facts favor the belief that Gorges's cogitations on colonial matters - especially as stimulated by his plottings in relation to the Leyden people - led to his project of the grant - and charter for the new "Council for New England," designed and constituted to supplant, or override, all others.

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