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Of Mourt's Relation there are several editions, but the one usually
referred to herein is that edited by Rev - Page 10
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Of "Mourt's Relation" there are several editions, but the one usually referred to herein is that edited by Rev.

Henry M. Dexter, D. D., by far the best. Where reference is made to any other edition, it is indicated, and "Dexter's ed." is sometimes named.




"Hail to thee, poor little ship MAY-FLOWER - of Delft Haven - poor, common-looking ship, hired by common charter-party for coined dollars, - caulked with mere oakum and tar, provisioned with vulgarest biscuit and bacon, - yet what ship Argo or miraculous epic ship, built by the sea gods, was other than a foolish bumbarge in comparison!"




"Curiously enough," observes Professor Arber, "these names [MAY-FLOWER and SPEEDWELL] do not occur either in the Bradford manuscript or in 'Mourt's Relation.'"

[A Relation, or Journal, of the Beginning and Proceedings of the English Plantation settled at Plymouth in New England, etc. G. Mourt, London, 1622. Undoubtedly the joint product of Bradford and Winslow, and sent to George Morton at London for publication. Bradford says (op, cit. p. 120): "Many other smaler maters I omite, sundrie of them having been already published, in a Jurnall made by one of ye company," etc. From this it would appear that Mourt's Relation was his work, which it doubtless principally was, though Winslow performed an honorable part, as "Mourt's" introduction and other data prove.]

He might have truthfully added that they nowhere appear in any of the letters of the "exodus" period, whether from Carver, Robinson, Cushman, or Weston; or in the later publications of Window; or in fact of any contemporaneous writer.

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