The Mayflower And Her Log, Complete, By Azel Ames

 -   The bark in
which Sir Humphrey Gilbert perished was of ten tons only.  The LITTLE
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The Bark In Which Sir Humphrey Gilbert Perished Was Of Ten Tons Only." The LITTLE JAMES, Which The Company Sent

To Plymouth in July, 1623, was "a pinnace of only forty-four tons," and in a vessel of fifty tons

(The SPEEDWELL), Martin Pring, in 1603, coasted along the shores of New England. Goodwin says: "In 1587 there were not in all England's fleet more than five merchant vessels exceeding two hundred tons." The SPARROW-HAWK wrecked on Cape Cod in 1626 was only 40 feet "over all." The Dutch seem to have built larger vessels. Winthrop records that as they came down the Channel, on their way to New England (1630), they passed the wreck of "a great Dutch merchantman of a thousand tons."

The MAY-FLOWER'S galley, with its primitive conditions for cooking, existed rather as a place for the preparation of food and the keeping of utensils, than for the use of fire. The arrangements for the latter were exceedingly crude, and were limited to the open "hearth-box" filled with sand, the chief cooking appliance being the tripod-kettle of the early navigators: This might indeed be set up in any part of the ship where the "sand-hearth" could also go, and the smoke be cared for. It not infrequently found space in the fore castle, between decks, and, when fine weather prevailed, upon the open deck, as in the open caravels of Columbus, a hundred years before. The bake-kettle and the frying-pan held only less important places than the kettle for boiling.

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