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 -  As we leisurely jogged along we discussed this, and
endeavored to arrive at some rule of conduct for the journey - Page 8
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As We Leisurely Jogged Along We Discussed This, And Endeavored To Arrive At Some Rule Of Conduct For The Journey.

The Professor expressed at once a feeling about mountain-climbing that amounted to hostility, - he would go nowhere that he could not ride. Climbing was the most unsatisfactory use to which a mountain could be put.

As to White-Top, it was a small mountain, and not worth ascending. The Friend of Humanity, who believes in mountain-climbing as a theory, and for other people, and knows the value of being able to say, without detection, that he has ascended any high mountain about which he is questioned, - since this question is the first one asked about an exploration in a new country, - saw that he should have to use a good deal of diplomacy to get the Professor over any considerable elevation on the trip. And he had to confess also that a view from a mountain is never so satisfactory as a view of a mountain, from a moderate height. The Professor, however, did not argue the matter on any such reasonable ground, but took his stand on his right as a man not to ascend a mountain. With this appeal to first principles, - a position that could not be confuted on account of its vagueness (although it might probably be demonstrated that in society man has no such right), there was no way of agreement except by a compromise. It was accordingly agreed that no mountain under six thousand feet is worth ascending; that disposed of White-Top.

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