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While it was in progress, after nine o'clock, Big Tom arrived, and,
with a simple greeting, sat down and attacked - Page 70
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While It Was In Progress, After Nine O'clock, Big Tom Arrived, And, With A Simple Greeting, Sat Down And Attacked The Supper And Began To Tell About The Bear.

There was not much to tell except that he hadn't seen the bear, and that, judged by his tracks and his sloshing around, he must be a big one.

But a trap had been set for him, and he judged it wouldn't be long before we had some bear meat. Big Tom Wilson, as he is known all over this part of the State, would not attract attention from his size. He is six feet and two inches tall, very spare and muscular, with sandy hair, long gray beard, and honest blue eyes. He has a reputation for great strength and endurance; a man of native simplicity and mild manners. He had been rather expecting us from what Mr. Murchison wrote; he wrote (his son had read out the letter) that Big Tom was to take good care of us, and anybody that Mr. Murchison sent could have the best he'd got.

Big Tom joined us in our room after supper. This apartment, with two mighty feather-beds, was hung about with all manner of stuffy family clothes, and had in one end a vast cavern for a fire. The floor was uneven, and the hearthstones billowy. When the fire was lighted, the effect of the bright light in the cavern and the heavy shadows in the room was Rembrandtish. Big Tom sat with us before the fire and told bear stories.

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