A Week On The Concord And Merrimack Rivers By Henry David Thoreau


     A finer race and finer fed
     Feast and revel o'er our head,
     And we titmen are only able
     To catch - Page 410
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A Finer Race And Finer Fed Feast And Revel O'er Our Head, And We Titmen Are Only Able To Catch The Fragments From Their Table. Theirs Is The Fragrance Of The Fruits, While We Consume The Pulp And Roots. What Are The Moments That We Stand Astonished On The Olympian Land!

We need pray for no higher heaven than the pure senses can furnish, a _purely_ sensuous life.

Our present senses are but the rudiments of what they are destined to become. We are comparatively deaf and dumb and blind, and without smell or taste or feeling. Every generation makes the discovery, that its divine vigor has been dissipated, and each sense and faculty misapplied and debauched. The ears were made, not for such trivial uses as men are wont to suppose, but to hear celestial sounds. The eyes were not made for such grovelling uses as they are now put to and worn out by, but to behold beauty now invisible. May we not _see_ God? Are we to be put off and amused in this life, as it were with a mere allegory? Is not Nature, rightly read, that of which she is commonly taken to be the symbol merely? When the common man looks into the sky, which he has not so much profaned, he thinks it less gross than the earth, and with reverence speaks of "the Heavens," but the seer will in the same sense speak of "the Earths," and his Father who is in them.

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