A Week On The Concord And Merrimack Rivers By Henry David Thoreau

 -   It was a look more intimate with me,
and more explanatory, than any words of his could have been if - Page 220
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It Was A Look More Intimate With Me, And More Explanatory, Than Any Words Of His Could Have Been If He Had Tried To His Dying Day.

It was more significant than any Rice of those parts could even comprehend, and long anticipated this man's culture, - a glance of his pure genius, which did not much enlighten him, but did impress and rule him for the moment, and faintly constrain his voice and manner.

He cheerfully led the way to my apartment, stepping over the limbs of his men, who were asleep on the floor in an intervening chamber, and showed me a clean and comfortable bed. For many pleasant hours after the household was asleep I sat at the open window, for it was a sultry night, and heard the little river

"Amongst the pumy stones, which seemed to plain, With gentle murmur, that his course they did restrain."

But I arose as usual by starlight the next morning, before my host, or his men, or even his dogs, were awake; and, having left a ninepence on the counter, was already half-way over the mountain with the sun before they had broken their fast.

Before I had left the country of my host, while the first rays of the sun slanted over the mountains, as I stopped by the wayside to gather some raspberries, a very old man, not far from a hundred, came along with a milking-pail in his hand, and turning aside began to pluck the berries near me:

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