A Week On The Concord And Merrimack Rivers By Henry David Thoreau

 -   Nor did I think that your proclamations were so
strong, as, being a mortal, to be able to transcend the - Page 140
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Nor Did I Think That Your Proclamations Were So Strong, As, Being A Mortal, To Be Able To Transcend The Unwritten And Immovable Laws Of The Gods.

For not something now and yesterday, but forever these live, and no one knows from what time they appeared.

I was not about to pay the penalty of violating these to the gods, fearing the presumption of any man. For I well knew that I should die, and why not? even if you had not proclaimed it."

This was concerning the burial of a dead body.

The wisest conservatism is that of the Hindoos. "Immemorial custom is transcendent law," says Menu. That is, it was the custom of the gods before men used it. The fault of our New England custom is that it is memorial. What is morality but immemorial custom? Conscience is the chief of conservatives. "Perform the settled functions," says Kreeshna in the Bhagvat-Geeta; "action is preferable to inaction. The journey of thy mortal frame may not succeed from inaction." - "A man's own calling with all its faults, ought not to be forsaken. Every undertaking is involved in its faults as the fire in its smoke." - "The man who is acquainted with the whole, should not drive those from their works who are slow of comprehension, and less experienced than himself." - "Wherefore, O Arjoon, resolve to fight," is the advice of the God to the irresolute soldier who fears to slay his best friends. It is a sublime conservatism; as wide as the world, and as unwearied as time; preserving the universe with Asiatic anxiety, in that state in which it appeared to their minds.

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