Vanished Arizona, Recollections Of The Army Life By A New England Woman By Martha Summerhayes


My brother, Harry Dunham, met me on the pier, saying, as he took
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My Brother, Harry Dunham, Met Me On The Pier, Saying, As He Took Me In His Arms, "You Do Not Need To Tell Me What Sort Of A Trip You Have Had; It Is Enough To Look At The Ship - That Tells The Story."

As the vessel had been about given up for lost, her arrival was somewhat of an agreeable surprise to all

Our friends, and to none more so than my old friend Jack, a second lieutenant of the United States army, who seemed so glad to have me back in America, that I concluded the only thing to do was to join the army myself.

A quiet wedding in the country soon followed my decision, and we set out early in April of the year 1874 to join his regiment, which was stationed at Fort Russell, Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory.

I had never been west of New York, and Cheyenne seemed to me, in contrast with the finished civilization of Europe, which I had so recently left, the wildest sort of a place.

Arriving in the morning, and alighting from the train, two gallant officers, in the uniform of the United States infantry, approached and gave us welcome; and to me, the bride, a special "welcome to the regiment" was given by each of them with outstretched hands.

Major Wilhelm said, "The ambulance is right here; you must come to our house and stay until you get your quarters."

Such was my introduction to the army - and to the army ambulance, in which I was destined to travel so many miles.

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