Vanished Arizona, Recollections Of The Army Life By A New England Woman By Martha Summerhayes


I came to know, as their guest, the best of old military society.
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I Came To Know, As Their Guest, The Best Of Old Military Society. They Were Very Old-Fashioned And Precise, And Frau Generalin Often Told Me That American Girls Were Too Ausgelassen In Their Manners.

She often reproved me for seating myself upon the sofa (which was only for old people) and also for looking about too much when walking on the streets.

Young girls must keep their eyes more cast down, looking up only occasionally. (I thought this dreadfully prim, as I was eager to see everything). I was expected to stop and drop a little courtesy on meeting an older woman, and then to inquire after the health of each member of the family. It seemed to take a lot of time, but all the other girls did it, and there seemed to be no hurry about anything, ever, in that elegant old Residenz-stadt. Surely a contrast to our bustling American towns.

A sentiment seemed to underlie everything they did. The Emperor meant so much to them, and they adored the Empress. A personal feeling, an affection, such as I had never heard of in a republic, caused me to stop and wonder if an empire were not the best, after all. And one day, when the Emperor, passing through Hanover en route, drove down the Georgen-strasse in an open barouche and raised his hat as he glanced at the sidewalk where I happened to be standing, my heart seemed to stop beating, and I was overcome by a most wonderful feeling - a feeling that in a man would have meant chivalry and loyalty unto death.

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