Vanished Arizona, Recollections Of The Army Life By A New England Woman By Martha Summerhayes

 -  Yes, he said, as
Jacob waited seven years for Rachel, so I waited for Carrie.

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"Yes," He Said, "As Jacob Waited Seven Years For Rachel, So I Waited For Carrie."

The following summer brought us the good news that Captain Corliss' company was ordered to Angel Island, in the bay of San Francisco.

"Thank goodness," said Jack, "C company has got some good luck, at last!"

Joyfully we started back on the overland trip to California, which took about nine days at that time. Now, travelling with a year-old baby and a five-year-old boy was quite troublesome, and we were very glad when the train had crossed the bleak Sierras and swept down into the lovely valley of the Sacramento.

Arriving in San Francisco, we went to the old Occidental Hotel, and as we were going in to dinner, a card was handed to us. "Hoo Chack" was the name on the card. "That Chinaman!" I cried to Jack."How do you suppose he knew we were here?"

We soon made arrangements for him to accompany us to Angel Island, and in a few days this "heathen Chinee" had unpacked all our boxes and made our quarters very comfortable. He was rather a high-caste man, and as true and loyal as a Christian. He never broke his word, and he staid with us as long as we remained in California.

And now we began to live, to truly live; for we felt that the years spent at those desert posts under the scorching suns of Arizona had cheated us out of all but a bare existence upon earth.

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