Letters From An American Farmer By Hector St. John De Crevecoeur

 -  The peaceable swallow, like the passive Quaker,
meekly sat at a small distance and never offered the least
resistance; but - Page 60
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The Peaceable Swallow, Like The Passive Quaker, Meekly Sat At A Small Distance And Never Offered The Least Resistance; But No Sooner Was The Plunder Carried Away, Than The Injured Bird Went To Work With Unabated Ardour, And In A Few Days The Depredations Were Repaired.

To prevent however a repetition of the same violence, I removed the wren's box to another part of the house.

In the middle of my new parlour I have, you may remember, a curious republic of industrious hornets; their nest hangs to the ceiling, by the same twig on which it was so admirably built and contrived in the woods. Its removal did not displease them, for they find in my house plenty of food; and I have left a hole open in one of the panes of the window, which answers all their purposes. By this kind usage they are become quite harmless; they live on the flies, which are very troublesome to us throughout the summer; they are constantly busy in catching them, even on the eyelids of my children. It is surprising how quickly they smear them with a sort of glue, lest they might escape, and when thus prepared, they carry them to their nests, as food for their young ones. These globular nests are most ingeniously divided into many stories, all provided with cells, and proper communications. The materials with which this fabric is built, they procure from the cottony furze, with which our oak rails are covered; this substance tempered with glue, produces a sort of pasteboard, which is very strong, and resists all the inclemencies of the weather.

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