Letters From An American Farmer By Hector St. John De Crevecoeur

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the angles of the fences where the motion of the wind prevents the
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Often In The Angles Of The Fences Where The Motion Of The Wind Prevents The Snow From Settling, I Carry Them Both Chaff And Grain; The One To Feed Them, The Other To Prevent Their Tender Feet From Freezing Fast To The Earth As I Have Frequently Observed Them To Do.

I do not know an instance in which the singular barbarity of man is so strongly delineated, as in the catching and murthering those harmless birds, at that cruel season of the year.

Mr. - -, one of the most famous and extraordinary farmers that has ever done honour to the province of Connecticut, by his timely and humane assistance in a hard winter, saved this species from being entirely destroyed. They perished all over the country, none of their delightful whistlings were heard the next spring, but upon this gentleman's farm; and to his humanity we owe the continuation of their music. When the severities of that season have dispirited all my cattle, no farmer ever attends them with more pleasure than I do; it is one of those duties which is sweetened with the most rational satisfaction. I amuse myself in beholding their different tempers, actions, and the various effects of their instinct now powerfully impelled by the force of hunger. I trace their various inclinations, and the different effects of their passions, which are exactly the same as among men; the law is to us precisely what I am in my barn yard, a bridle and check to prevent the strong and greedy from oppressing the timid and weak.

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