Letters From An American Farmer By Hector St. John De Crevecoeur

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man will not get the better of the citizen, whether his political
maxims will not vanish - Page 260
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Observe Then, Whether The Man Will Not Get The Better Of The Citizen, Whether His Political Maxims Will Not Vanish!

Yes, he will cease to glow so warmly with the glory of the metropolis; all his wishes will be turned toward the preservation of his family!

Oh, were he situated where I am, were his house perpetually filled, as mine is, with miserable victims just escaped from the flames and the scalping knife, telling of barbarities and murders that make human nature tremble; his situation would suspend every political reflection, and expel every abstract idea. My heart is full and involuntarily takes hold of any notion from whence it can receive ideal ease or relief. I am informed that the king has the most numerous, as well as the fairest, progeny of children, of any potentate now in the world: he may be a great king, but he must feel as we common mortals do, in the good wishes he forms for their lives and prosperity. His mind no doubt often springs forward on the wings of anticipation, and contemplates us as happily settled in the world. If a poor frontier inhabitant may be allowed to suppose this great personage the first in our system, to be exposed but for one hour, to the exquisite pangs we so often feel, would not the preservation of so numerous a family engross all his thoughts; would not the ideas of dominion and other felicities attendant on royalty all vanish in the hour of danger?

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