Letters From An American Farmer By Hector St. John De Crevecoeur

 -  But the same magical power of
habit and custom which makes the Laplander, the Siberian, the
Hottentot, prefer their climates - Page 180
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But The Same Magical Power Of Habit And Custom Which Makes The Laplander, The Siberian, The Hottentot, Prefer Their Climates, Their Occupations, And Their Soil, To More Beneficial Situations, Leads These Good People To Think, That No Other Spot On The Globe Is So Analagous To Their Inclinations As Nantucket.

Here their connections are formed; what would they do at a distance removed from them?

Live sumptuously, you will say, procure themselves new friends, new acquaintances, by their splendid tables, by their ostentatious generosity, and by affected hospitality. These are thoughts that have never entered into their heads; they would be filled with horror at the thought of forming wishes and plans so different from that simplicity, which is their general standard in affluence as well as in poverty. They abhor the very idea of expending in useless waste and vain luxuries, the fruits of prosperous labour; they are employed in establishing their sons and in many other useful purposes: strangers to the honours of monarchy they do not aspire to the possession of affluent fortunes, with which to purchase sounding titles, and frivolous names!

Yet there are not at Nantucket so many wealthy people as one would imagine after having considered their great successes, their industry, and their knowledge. Many die poor, though hardly able to reproach Fortune with a frown; others leave not behind them that affluence which the circle of their business and of their prosperity naturally promised. The reason of this is, I believe, the peculiar expense necessarily attending their tables; for as their island supplies the town with little or nothing (a few families excepted) every one must procure what they want from the main.

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