The Arctic Prairies By Ernest Thompson Seton

 -  I wish I could go to your country
and be at rest. She turned to her work and began talking - Page 78
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"I Wish I Could Go To Your Country And Be At Rest." She Turned To Her Work And Began Talking To The Others In Chipewyan.

Now another woman entered.

She was dressed in semi-white style, and looked, not on the ground, as does an Indian woman, on seeing a strange man, but straight at me.

"Bon jour, madame," I said.

"I speak Ingliss," she replied with emphasis.

"Indeed! And what is your name?"

"I am Madame X - - - -."

And now I knew I was in the presence of the stuckup social queen.

After some conversation she said: "I have some things at home you like to see."

"Where is your lodge?" I asked.

"Lodge," she replied indignantly; "I have no lodge. I know ze Indian way. I know ze half-breed way. I know ze white man's way. I go ze white man's way. I live in a house - and my door is painted blue."

I went to her house, a 10 by 12 log cabin; but the door certainly was painted blue, a gorgeous sky blue, the only touch of paint in sight. Inside was all one room, with a mud fireplace at one end and some piles of rags in the corners for beds, a table, a chair, and some pots. On the walls snow-shoes, fishing-lines, dried fish in smellable bunches, a portrait of the Okapi from Outing, and a musical clock that played with painful persistence the first three bars of "God Save the King." Everywhere else were rags, mud, and dirt.

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