The Arctic Prairies By Ernest Thompson Seton


A few hours later he was back again, looking older and shakier
than ever, his wet red eyes looking like - Page 71
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A Few Hours Later He Was Back Again, Looking Older And Shakier Than Ever, His Wet Red Eyes Looking Like

Plague spots in his ashy brown visage or like volcanic eruptions in a desert of dead lava, and in husky,

Clicking accents he told Billy to tell the Okimow that the pills were no good - not strong enough for him.

"Well," I said, "he shall surely have results this time." I gave him three big ones in a cup of hot tea. All the Indians love tea, and it seems to help them. Under its cheering power the old man's tongue was loosened. He talked more clearly, and Billy, whose knowledge of Chipewyan is fragmentary at best, suddenly said: "I'm afraid I made, a mistake. Bezkya says the pills are too strong. Can't you give him something to stop them?

"Goodness," I thought; "here's a predicament," but I didn't know what to do. I remembered a western adage, "When you don't know a thing to do, don't do a thing." I only said: "Tell Bezkya to go home, go to bed, and stay there till to-morrow, then come here again."

Away went the Indian to his lodge. I felt rather uneasy that day and night, and the next morning looked with some eagerness for the return of Bezkya. But he did not come and I began to grow unhappy. I wanted some evidence that I had not done him an injury. I wished to see him, but professional etiquette forbade me betraying myself by calling on him.

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