The Arctic Prairies By Ernest Thompson Seton

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Only We Must Seek It All, Not In The West, But In The Far North-West; And For "Missouri And Mississippi" Read "Peace And Mackenzie Rivers," Those Noble Streams That Northward Roll Their Mile-Wide Turbid Floods A Thousand Leagues To The Silent Arctic Sea.

This was the thought which spurred me to a six months' journey by canoe.

And I found what I went in search of, but found, also, abundant and better rewards that were not in mind, even as Saul, the son of Kish, went seeking asses and found for himself a crown and a great kingdom.

Four years have gone by since I lived through these experiences. Such a lapse of time may have made my news grow stale, but it has also given the opportunity for the working up of specimens and scientific records. The results, for the most part, will be found in the Appendices, and three of these, as indicated - namely, the sections on Plants, Mammals, and Birds - are the joint work of my assistant, Mr. Edward A. Preble, and myself.

My thanks are due here to the Right Honourable Lord Strathcona, G. C. M. G., Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, for giving me access to the records of the Company whenever I needed them for historical purposes; to the Honourable Frank Oliver, Minister of the Interior, Canada, for the necessary papers and permits to facilitate scientific collection, and also to Clarence C. Chipman, Esq., of Winnipeg, the Hudson's Bay Company's Commissioner, for practical help in preparing my outfit, and for letters of introduction to the many officers of the Company, whose kind help was so often a Godsend.

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