The Arctic Prairies By Ernest Thompson Seton

 -  After
much and various running, scattering, and massing, they once more
charged the fearsome odour and went right through it - Page 170
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After Much And Various Running, Scattering, And Massing, They Once More Charged The Fearsome Odour And Went Right Through It.

Now they passed at 500 yards and gave the chance for a far camera shot.

The sound of their trampling was heard a long way off - half a mile - but at 300 yards I could not distinguish the clicking of the feet, whereas this clicking was very plainly to be heard from the band that passed within 50 yards of me in the morning.

They snort a good deal and grunt a little, and, notwithstanding their continual haste, I noticed that from time to time one or two would lie down, but at once jump up and rush on when they found they were being left behind. Many more single deer came that day, but no more large herds.

About 4.30 a fawn of this year (2 1/2 or 3 months) came rushing up from the north, all alone. It charged up a hill for 200 yards, then changed its mind and charged down again, then raced to a bunch of tempting herbage, cropped it hastily, dashed to a knoll, left at an angle, darted toward us till within 40 yards, then dropped into a thick bed of grass, where it lay as though it had unlimited time.

I took one photograph, and as I crawled to get one nearer, a shot passed over my head, and the merry cackle told me that Weeso had yielded to temptation and had 'collected' that fawn.

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