Army Letters From An Officer's Wife, 1871-1888, By Frances M.A. Roe

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post, but was afraid the life here would be too - Page 91
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Faye Did Not Want To Leave Me Alone At The Post, But Was Afraid The Life Here Would Be Too Rough For Me, So I Decided The Matter For Myself And Began To Make Preparations To Come Away, And That Settled All Discussion.

We were obliged to start early the next morning, and there were only a few hours in which to get ready.

Packing the mess chest and getting commissary stores occupied the most time, for after our clothing was put away the closing of the house was a farce, "Peu de bien, peu de soin!" Farrar was permitted to come, and we brought Hal and the horse, so the family is still together.

The redoubt is made of gunny sacks filled with sand, and is built on the principle of a permanent fortification in miniature, with bastions, flanks, curtains, and ditch, and has two pieces of artillery. The parapet is about ten feet high, upon the top of which a sentry walks all the time. This is technically correct, for Faye has just explained it all to me, so I could tell you about our castle on the plains. We have only two rooms for our own use, and these are partitioned off with vertical logs in one corner of the fortification, and our only roof is of canvas.

When we first got here the dirt floor was very much like the side of a mountain - so sloping that we had difficulty in sitting upon the chairs. Faye had these made level at once, and fresh, dry sand sprinkled everywhere.

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