Army Letters From An Officer's Wife, 1871-1888, By Frances M.A. Roe

 -  This all suddenly ceased, and immediately
there were lights flashing some distance away, and dozens of men
seemed to be - Page 6
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This All Suddenly Ceased, And Immediately There Were Lights Flashing Some Distance Away, And Dozens Of Men Seemed To Be

Talking all at the same time, some of them shouting, "Here!" "Here!" I began to think that perhaps Indians had

Come upon us, and called to Faye, who informed me in a sleepy voice that it was only reveille roll-call, and that each man was answering to his name. There was the same performance this morning, and at breakfast I asked General Phillips why soldiers required such a beating of drums, and deafening racket generally, to awaken them in the morning. But he did not tell me - said it was an old army custom to have the drums beaten along the officers' walk at reveille.

Yesterday morning, directly after guard-mounting, Faye put on his full-dress uniform - epaulets, beautiful scarlet sash, and sword - and went over to the office of the commanding officer to report officially. The officer in command of the post is lieutenant colonel of the regiment, but he, also, is a general by brevet, and one can see by his very walk that he expects this to be remembered always. So it is apparent to me that the safest thing to do is to call everyone general - there seem to be so many here. If I make a mistake, it will be on the right side, at least.

Much of the furniture in this house was made by soldier carpenters here at the post, and is not only very nice, but cost General Phillips almost nothing, and, as we have to buy everything, I said at dinner last evening that we must have some precisely like it, supposing, of course, that General Phillips would feel highly gratified because his taste was admired.

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