The British Association's Visit To Montreal, 1884: Letters, By Clara Rayleigh

 -  When I was thanking
him warmly, I added, You must be amused to see such distracted English
travellers? Well, he - Page 90
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When I Was Thanking Him Warmly, I Added, "You Must Be Amused To See Such Distracted English Travellers?" "Well," He

Answered, "we are as bad in your country till we are used to it." After a great deal of shaking

And going a great pace round many curves, which quite prevented us sleeping, we got _here_ (Washington) yesterday at six o'clock. A man met us who was sent by an astronomer friend of John's, and brought us to this hotel, Wormley's. On our way in a spic and span omnibus we felt _going down_ on one side, and found a wheel had come of. We jumped out, and a crowd collected, and finally we had to transfer our baggage and ourselves into another omnibus, and got through some handsome wide streets, with trees each side and good shops, to this hotel. Our first view of Washington was a lovely one, coming in with the Potomac river in front, and the fine Capitol, on a hill, backed by a glorious red sunset, which reflected all in the river; it looked like an Italian scene. This is said to be a "city of magnificent distances," being planned for future greatness, and very like Paris in conception. We found acquaintances here, and John went with, one to the Observatory. This morning we all went to the American Episcopal Church, St. John's, rather "high," but nothing really objectionable. This is the centenary of the consecration of the first American Bishop, Dr. Siebury, Bishop of Connecticut, who, after having implored _our_ Bishops in London to consecrate him, went at last to Scotland, and "there in an upper room received Apostolic orders from the Scotch Bishops, then called non-jurors." We were all struck with the handsome features of both men and women in church.

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