The British Association's Visit To Montreal, 1884: Letters, By Clara Rayleigh

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to do it _again_, and I was better off in a nice room all - Page 80
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I Don't Think They Will Want To Do It _Again_, And I Was Better Off In A Nice Room All To Myself, Where I Could Dress Comfortably, But Had Not Many Appliances For That End.

We all met at eight o'clock breakfast, and our black man (who looked more than ever like a large

Bolster, well filled and tied at the top for his head), cooked us an eatable beef-steak, and after this John and Mr. Ross's brother "_Jack_" rode off to penetrate as far as they could beyond "construction." I am a little nervous about his ride, for the road is a mere track, and very rough, however, wagons and mules _do_ travel on it. E - - has made many pretty sketches; mine are scanty and perfectly horrid. I don't improve at all. The sun is trying to come out. We are on a siding, close to numbers of tents and mules and wagons, a sort of depot for provisions, clothes, &c. I have never seen a tipsy man or woman since I landed at Quebec! and in many parts of Canada alcohol cannot be bought, and the penalty is _always_ severe for selling or giving it to an Indian. Further on I passed yesterday quite a "city" of tents; over one was printed "Hotel Fletcher," another, "Restaurant, meals at all hours," "Denver Hotel," "Laundry," "Saloon," &c. These are _speculations_, and are not connected with railway officials. Some of the men (one was taking a photograph of "the city,") have the American _twang_. Mr. Rosa is going off directly the directors arrive, far into the interior, on an exploring tour into the Selkirk range, &c. The line is "graded" about fifty miles further on, and the bridges and tunnels are making.

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