The British Association's Visit To Montreal, 1884: Letters, By Clara Rayleigh

 -  The quantity of wood piled about is amazing
(lumber they call it) and it chokes up and destroys the effect - Page 60
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The Quantity Of Wood Piled About Is Amazing (Lumber They Call It) And It Chokes Up And Destroys The Effect Of The River, But It Is Not In Itself Ugly, For They Arrange It So Beautifully And The Colouring Is Bright.

Then we drove to the Government buildings, and there I was agreeably surprised by the beautiful view, not so

Grand as Quebec certainly, but very fine - the Ottawa, with headlands, well wooded, frequently breaking the line of the river, and the far reach of country with blue mountains in the background, and then the air so deliciously sweet and pure, and reviving. We returned there again in the afternoon, and sat reading till half-past seven, when we returned to our small house and John and E - -, and the conductor gave us a capital dinner - champagne and all sorts of good things, and we all enjoyed it. Then we chatted and played whist, and then to bed. Hedley and I in the drawing-room, and John and E - - in small room, the maids in dining-room. I can't say I slept well for they moved our car once, causing our conductor to storm at them for their impertinence, and the arrival and departure of various trains and fog signals, &c., were not calculated to favour one's slumbers! Hedley declares that a fog signal in the morning did not awake me, but he slept through all. About twelve, Dick arrived from Montreal, much better, and our car was fastened to the train and on we went to Toronto.

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