The British Association's Visit To Montreal, 1884: Letters, By Clara Rayleigh

 -  The presence of so many men devoted to
scientific pursuits in our midst could not fail to give an impetus - Page 50
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The Presence Of So Many Men Devoted To Scientific Pursuits In Our Midst Could Not Fail To Give An Impetus To The Study Of Science In This Country.

We had not many scientific men, owing principally to the fact that the people who settled here had given their attention to material pursuits, but a new era was now opening.

The worthy chief of the government must be gratified at the success of his wise policy in encouraging this movement, which could not fail to be of great profit to Canadians, and he felt sure that no vote would be more heartily given than the vote of thanks to Lord Rayleigh, which he had much pleasure in seconding.

Sir Wm Thomson put the motion, which was adopted unanimously amidst loud applause.

Lord Rayleigh returned thanks for the honour done him, and the meeting adjourned until Friday next, when Professor Ball will deliver a lecture.

* * * * *

It was not very surprising that after all this excitement I had a very bad night and awoke quite ill Thursday morning, remained all day in bed nursing and starving, and could not, therefore, go to two afternoon parties for which we had invitations, nor to the grand evening reception at the college. This morning I am feeling quite well, and it is pouring with rain.

_Friday Evening_. - After luncheon Dr. P. Smith called and went with me to Section A, but we were too late to hear John's paper - He told me that he and E - - start for Quebec to-night after a lecture on "Dust," and stay at the Lansdownes for the festivities there (we three have settled not to go), and return Sunday evening.

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