The British Association's Visit To Montreal, 1884: Letters, By Clara Rayleigh

 -  Brooklyn Bridge is
fine, and I half hoped to cross it and find out Dr. Penticost, but was
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Brooklyn Bridge Is Fine, And I Half Hoped To Cross It And Find Out Dr. Penticost, But Was _Finished Up_, And Went Home To Rest.

Then visitors came:

Mrs. Gardener, daughter of Bishop Doane, of Albany, very nice; then we dined at the Belmont's. The house is gorgeous in embroidery, and pictures, and statues, and all in very good taste, and more _comfortable_ than most of their fine houses. The dinner, too, was _very_ good, and I was the better for the excellent champagne. Mrs. Belmont is a wonderful little woman, with thick brown hair, and looking about forty, and I have seen people look as old at thirty. He is short and lame, and rather plain, but is clever and agreeable, and speaks with a strong foreign accent. Their son, Mr. Percy Belmont, has been elected three times for Congress. There was a southern lady there and her husband, Madame Hoffman, I think, and a Miss Wright. Madame Hoffman is very handsome and lively. The Belmonts apologized for a small party, because they are in mourning. They keep up mourning dress and customs tremendously long here. At first I thought there were a surprising number of widows going about, but I discovered they were mourning for their aunts or grandmothers.

The election was not settled till late last night, and they say the Republicans are still disputing the returns - and they feared riots in New York. I must say they seem wonderfully quiet, and I slept till half-past eight this morning, longer than for weeks past.

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