The British Association's Visit To Montreal, 1884: Letters, By Clara Rayleigh

 -  Miss Fox, a
sister of Caroline Fox, is on board and sketched the icebergs and the
waves during the storm - Page 11
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Miss Fox, A Sister Of Caroline Fox, Is On Board And Sketched The Icebergs And The Waves During The Storm Very Cleverly.

They were also photographed by Mr. Barrett and a professional.

After dinner we were all on deck again and watched for the lights on the coast of Labrador, which mark the entrance into the Straits of Belle Isle, and at last a twinkle caught my eye and we all greeted it with joy! Isn't it wonderful that a ship can be steered across that vast expanse of water straight to this light, in spite of clouds and storms and without the sight of sun or moon or stars? If I was teaching a class I should quote this as a good illustration of "God's mysterious ways." We wander on through all the changes, and chances of this mortal life, and we don't know the why, or when, or where, but at last we see the lights of heaven looming on our horizon and are at the haven where we would be. Then we realize that all the time He was guiding us by ways that we knew not! In the evening we heard an auction amusingly carried on, though I did not approve of the gambling connected with it; and then Mr. Barrett gave a short account of apparitions, and there was a discussion.

I am now writing after breakfast on Saturday and we expect to reach Quebec on Sunday night. It will be a dreadful disappointment if we don't see the first view, which is so fine, by daylight.

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