The British Association's Visit To Montreal, 1884: Letters, By Clara Rayleigh

 -  She then drove us in her beautiful park
phaton to Mrs. Bruen's, where there was an afternoon party for my - Page 110
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She Then Drove Us In Her Beautiful Park Phaton To Mrs. Bruen's, Where There Was An Afternoon Party For My Benefit - Such A Charming Old Lady!

I told her I had a mother of eighty-one, and she said "Oh I am more than _that_, but no one knows my age, and I don't think about it, but am ready when the call comes." I have heard since, she is past ninety!

She is small and thin, full of life and interest in everything, and her brains as active as ever, - seems to have known every one of interest. I went there again to tea-dinner last evening, and we talked about everything and everybody under Heaven nearly! Her clever daughter and very pretty grand-daughter, Miss Perkins, have read widely, and our subjects of discussion were endless. Of course at the afternoon party there were numbers of people, and they told me they were quite delighted at my arrival, for the place was very dull now, and it was quite an excitement! Last evening a Professor Shields was at Mrs. Bruen's, and gave me his book on "Science and Faith." I have had three invitations to dine _to-day_, which, of course I had to decline. To go on with yesterday's journal, we lunched with a Mrs. Bell, and met there Miss Perkins and another nice young lady, and a queer specimen, a Mr. W - -, who travels about the Continent with eight children, and aggravated me by saying he was more at home in France than in England.

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