The British Association's Visit To Montreal, 1884: Letters, By Clara Rayleigh

 -  He gave us seats at the Theatre to
hear May Blossom (a pretty _good_ play, which we all enjoyed),
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He Gave Us Seats At The Theatre To Hear "May Blossom" (A Pretty _Good_ Play, Which We All Enjoyed), And He Asked Me If I Wanted Any Books To Read?

I said "Yes, I should be very glad of some," thinking he would lend me a few of his own; well, a large parcel soon arrived with a lovely copy of Longfellow's Poems and my name in it, and lots of story books, all new.

This morning (Tuesday) our future host at New Brunswick called, a nice-looking, lively man, and we go to them on Thursday - Mr. James Neilson. Yesterday afternoon we spent two hours at Mrs. A. B - -'s, and met Mr. Keally. He is a curious person, and looks full of _fire_, and I should say _not_ an impostor, but I should not be surprised if he was _mad!_ He talked away tremendously quickly, and used all kinds of new words invented to suit his discovery, and I got quite exhausted trying to understand him; all I could really make out was that he professed to have decomposed _hydrogen_, and evolved a lighter element from it, and that his new force has something to do with _vibration_; that he multiplies vibrations almost infinitely, and can distinguish _divisions_ of _tones_ in an unusual manner. Those who have seen his experiments lately, declare that _no_ force with which scientists are acquainted could produce the same effects with the machinery used. "If it is a trick," he said, "at any rate it is a trick worth knowing - if a pint of water can send a train from this to New York, which it will do shortly." He employs several people to make his machinery, but when they have made it and used it successfully, they declare they don't know _why_ or _how_ it is done.

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