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 -   Then that first stuck swine dropped, still kicking,
into a great vat of boiling water, and spoke no more words - Page 80
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Then That First Stuck Swine Dropped, Still Kicking, Into A Great Vat Of Boiling Water, And Spoke No More Words,

But wallowed in obedience to some unseen machinery, and presently came forth at the lower end of the vat, and

Was heaved on the blades of a blunt paddle-wheel, things which said "Hough, hough, hough!" and skelped all the hair off him, except what little a couple of men with knives could remove.

Then he was again hitched by the heels to that said railway, and passed down the line of the twelve men, each man with a knife - losing with each man a certain amount of his individuality, which was taken away in a wheel-barrow, and when he reached the last man he was very beautiful to behold, but excessively unstuffed and limp. Preponderance of individuality was ever a bar to foreign travel. That pig could have been in case to visit you in India had he not parted with some of his most cherished notions.

The dissecting part impressed me not so much as the slaying. They were so excessively alive, these pigs. And then, they were so excessively dead, and the man in the dripping, clammy, not passage did not seem to care, and ere the blood of such a one had ceased to foam on the floor, such another and four friends with him had shrieked and died. But a pig is only the unclean animal - the forbidden of the prophet.


The American Army

I SHOULD very much like to deliver a dissertation on the American army and the possibilities of its extension.

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