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Save Money On Flights

They Should Be Seen To Be Appreciated.

Understand clearly - and this letter is written after a thousand miles of experiences - that money will not buy you

Service in the West. When the hotel clerk - the man who awards your room to you and who is supposed to give you information - when that resplendent individual stoops to attend to your wants he does so whistling or hum-ming or picking his teeth, or pauses to converse with some one he knows. These performances, I gather, are to impress upon you that he is a free man and your equal. From his general appearance and the size of his diamonds he ought to be your superior. There is no necessity for this swaggering self-consciousness of freedom. Business is business, and the man who is paid to attend to a man might reasonably devote his whole attention to the job. Out of office hours he can take his coach and four and pervade society if he pleases.

In a vast marble-paved hall, under the glare of an electric light, sat forty or fifty men, and for their use and amusement were provided spittoons of infinite capacity and generous gape. Most of the men wore frock-coats and top-hats - the things that we in India put on at a wedding-break-fast, if we possess them - but they all spat. They spat on principle. The spittoons were on the staircases, in each bedroom - yea, and in chambers even more sacred than these.

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