The Grand Canyon Of Arizona: How To See It By George Wharton James

 -  It is quite the fad to take a
sunbath here.

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It Is Quite The Fad To Take A Sunbath Here.

On the top floor, and out of doors, are two roof gardens, where light refreshments are served.

The Amusement Room and Clubroom. On the ground floor, easily reached from the office and from the rim pathway, is the amusement room, fitted with billiard, pool, and card tables, and shuffle-boards. Adjacent is the clubroom.

Water Supply. For fire purposes, there is a Knowles high-duty underwriter's fire pump, which is regularly used for the transportation of water to the high steel water-tank, capable of holding three hundred and twenty thousand gallons. Pure spring water is hauled in tank cars from Bellemont, ninety miles away, about seven cars a day being required for all purposes. Every drop of water, before entering the hotel, passes through two quartz filters, and drinking water is distilled twice and then aerated.

Sewerage. The sewerage system of a large hotel is a matter of primary importance. At El Tovar the matter was given more than usual care and foresight. An antiseptic system was installed, at a cost of over twenty thousand dollars. The sewage is conveyed by underground pipes a long distance to solid concrete tanks, where the solids are disposed of by natural processes. The liquids pass through eight filter beds, and then enter the ditch colorless and odorless.

Bright Angel Camp. To accommodate those desiring less expensive quarters, Bright Angel Camp - old Bright Angel Hotel remodelled - is operated on the European plan. Rooms are one dollar a day each person; meals are obtained at Harvey cafe.

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