The Grand Canyon Of Arizona: How To See It By George Wharton James

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fearful proposition so horrified Ashley that he begged them to hold out a
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This Fearful Proposition So Horrified Ashley That He Begged Them To Hold Out A While Longer, And To Their Joy They Soon Emerged From The Canyon, Possibly At A Place Known As Brown's Hole; Where Provo, An Experienced Trapper, Had His Camp.

From here they abandoned the Canyon expedition, and doubtless returned with Provo to Salt Lake.

Powell named the falls near where Ashley left his name Ashley Falls.

There is every reason to assume that other trappers attempted the passage of the Canyon, for Powell found a bake oven, several tin plates, and part of a boot in Lodore Canyon, which he imagined were Ashley's; but, as we have seen, Ashley never went down so far.

Other Unsuccessful Trappers. In his excellent Romance of the Colorado River, Dellenbaugh recites at length, from their own narratives largely, the adventures of several trappers and others, whose experiences are connected with the Colorado River, - the Patties, Jedediah Smith,

Kit Carson, William Wolfskill, Farnham, Fremont, Lieutenant Derby, Captain Johnson, and others, who, however, never came actually into the Grand Canyon region. Hence I shall make no further reference to them here. My reason for giving so much space to Ashley has been merely to offer a sample of the kind of experiences the trappers of the early days met with, in trying to solve the problem of the canyons of the Colorado River.

Lieutenant Ives' Expedition. Lieutenant Ives' expedition, however, reached into the very heart of this country. He visited the Havasupais in their canyon, also the Wallapais, and traversed the weary miles across the desert to the villages of the Hopi.

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