The Grand Canyon Of Arizona: How To See It By George Wharton James

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Now We Have To Grope Blindly For A While, As The Wise Ones Do Not Have Facts Enough Upon Which To Speak With Definite Certainty.

But it is assumed that a great warping of the earth's crust took place, and that in this revolution

Some of the plateau sank, - supposedly the northern part, though it certainly extended across the Canyon nearly as far south as Williams and Ash Fork, and other parts - the edges - arose, and thus formed a basin which became another vast inland sea.

Eocene Lake. We know this was an inland sea, and had no connection with the ocean, for all the fossils and sediments deposited in it reveal that they are fresh-water organisms. In this sea, as in the earlier oceans, vast deposits of sediment were made in the early Eocene period, and another period of subsidence occurred. Then the great lake was drained, and the uplift began, slow and sure; then, and not before, were the conditions existent that have made the Canyon country as we see it to-day. Peaks and islets received the rainfall, tiny rivers were formed that grew larger and cut their way in deeper, as the uplift continued. The principal stream, which was then born, was the Colorado. It is supposed, from various evidences, that the rainfall was very much more abundant then than now, and consequently the rivers had greater flow, and more eroding and carrying capacity. The uplift continued, and the geologists tell us it did not cease until about fifteen thousand feet, deposited since Cretaceous times, were thrust up into the air.

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