The Grand Canyon Of Arizona: How To See It By George Wharton James

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is only a few yards away, prepare supper and bring a cup of - Page 120
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They Go Down To The Shinumo, Which Is Only A Few Yards Away, Prepare Supper And Bring A Cup Of Hot Coffee For Me.

I return with them, make my bed, eat a hearty supper and then fall asleep with the roar of the Shinumo in my ears.

My bed is comfortable and I have a feeling of perfect safety and confidence.

Watermelons in the Canyon. "Sunday, Sept. 8, 1901. We are on the Shinumo, and only half an hour's ride above the camp. What a beautiful stream it is; cataracts, still reaches, rapids, sandy shoals, deep pools, and the water so pure, blue and clear. We cross and re-cross many times, through thickets of willow and mesquite. I am many times scratched and my hat is forcibly snatched from my head. At camp I feed watermelon rinds to Belshazzar who receives them as gratefully as I did the melons. How strange to find them growing here, - so ripe, rich and delicious. I feel very weary but deeply regret having to leave this lovely place. We start for the river. When the others arrive the packs, etc., are taken across in three loads. The four of us go over in the last load. Scramble up the Archaean by myself and sit in the shade, near the shelter tent, until I am put on the burro Joe and started off with the doctor.

Back at Bass Camp. "Dad had brought the burros here to receive us, all the animals we had ridden to Point Sublime having been left on the north side. At Bed Rock Camp we all have lunch; and then at 4:00, the others with the burros having gone on ahead, we follow.

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