The City That Was - A Requiem Of Old San Francisco By Will Irwin

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There Is No Thunder And Lightning; There Is No Snow, Except A Flurry Once In Five Or Six Years; There Are Perhaps Half A Dozen Nights In The Winter When The Thermometer Drops Low Enough So That In The Morning There Is A Little Film Of Ice On Exposed Water.

Neither is there any hot weather.

Yet most Easterners remaining in San Francisco for a few days remember that they were always chilly.

For the Gate is a big funnel, drawing in the winds and the mists which cool off the great, hot interior valleys of the San Joaquin and Sacramento. So the west wind blows steadily ten months of the year; and almost all the mornings are foggy. This keeps the temperature steady at about 55 degrees - a little cool for the comfort of an unacclimated person, especially indoors. Californians, used to it, hardly ever think of making fires in their houses except in a few days of the winter season, and then they rely mainly upon fireplaces. This is like the custom of the Venetians and the Florentines.

Give an Easterner six months of it, however, and he, too, learns to exist without chill in a steady temperature a little lower than that to which he was accustomed at home. After that one goes about with perfect indifference to the temperature. Summer and winter, San Francisco women wear light tailor-made clothes, and men wear the same fall-weight suits all the year around. There is no such thing as a change of clothing for the seasons.

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