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Over by the ocean and surrounded by cemeteries in which there are no
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Over By The Ocean And Surrounded By Cemeteries In Which There Are No More Burials, There Is An Eminence Which Is Topped By Two Peaks And Which The Spanish Of The Early Days Named After The Breasts Of A Woman. The Unpoetic Americans Had Renamed It Twin Peaks.

At its foot was Mission Dolores, the last mission planted by the Spanish padres in their march up the coast, and from these hills the Spanish looked for the first time upon the golden bay.

Many years ago some one set up at the summit of this peak a sixty foot cross of timber. Once a high wind blew it down, and the women of the Fair family then had it restored so firmly that it would resist anything. It has risen for fifty years above the gay, careless, luxuriant and lovable city, in full view from every eminence and from every valley. It stands tonight, above the desolation of ruins.

The bonny, merry city - the good, gray city - O that one who has mingled the wine of her bounding life with the wine of his youth should live to write the obituary of Old San Francisco!

End of The City That Was, by Will Irwin

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