A Lady's Life On A Farm In Manitoba By Mrs. Cecil Hall

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description of their first drive, when both he and his companions
were all bogged; and how that twenty-seven - Page 50
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The Description Of Their First Drive, When Both He And His Companions Were All Bogged; And How That Twenty-Seven

Mules and twenty-eight horses bought at St. Louis all arrived one night at the station about 5 o'clock, after

Sixty hours' travelling with no food or water, had to be unloaded from the cars, and they hadn't a halter or even a rope to do it with. Eventually they got all the poor beasts into a yard with wooden pailing round, but, something startling them, they made a rush, the fence gave way, for which damage the proprietor charged them ten pounds, and all galloped straight on to the prairie, and it took the men all night getting them together again. One pair of horses disappeared altogether; but were brought back when a reward of thirty dollars was offered; they had wandered nineteen miles.

Mike slept in A - - 's room. They talked so much, and told so many funny stories, that we despaired of ever getting them down to breakfast; Mike declaring he would like to bring his bed along with him, as he hadn't slept in one, or been between sheets since leaving New York, six weeks previously. We drove him over one afternoon to fish in the creek about two and a half miles off; but as we had to go in a light waggon, and with only one spring seat, both Mike and A - - had to hang on behind, with a plank as seat, which was always slipping and landing them on their backs at the bottom of the waggon.

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