A Lady's Life On A Farm In Manitoba By Mrs. Cecil Hall

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It Is Covered With Low Brushwood With A Few Trees Here And There, And A Good Deal Of Marsh, And Therefore Unfit For Cultivation, So They Keep It Entirely For Their Cattle And For The Cutting Of Hay In Summer.

It is a much prettier place than this, the house being surrounded by trees, whereas here we haven't one

Within seven miles, though last year they did their best and planted nearly five hundred round the house as avenues to the drive; but only a few survived the drought of last autumn and severe cold of winter, the rest are represented by dead sticks. We tried to see the cattle at Boyd's, but they were away feeding on the marsh and could only be looked at from a distance, as we neither of us felt inclined to run the chance of being bogged or of wetting our feet.

In coming home we called at the tent, and I was surprised to find how quickly Messrs. H - - and L - - were building their stable, which is to be large enough to hold two stalls and a room beyond, which, when they have a house, will make a good loose-box; but for the time being they intend to live in, either sleeping in the loft or tent.

To build a house or stable is not very difficult; but with no carpenter or experienced man to help it wants a certain amount of ingenuity. You lay out your foundation by putting thick pieces of oak called "sills" on the ground in the shape of your house.

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