A Lady's Life On A Farm In Manitoba By Mrs. Cecil Hall

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had to be pioneered over a ditch into a wood, supposed to be
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We Had To Be Pioneered Over A Ditch Into A Wood, Supposed To Be Cleared, With The Stumps Of Trees Left Sticking About Six Inches Out Of The Ground For Your Wheels To Pass Over, On To A Track, And Then Through A Potato Garden To The House.

We were quite ready for our supper, it being about 8 o'clock when we got here; and the food

At Glyndon, where we stopped twenty minutes in the middle of the day to "put away" the contents of sixteen dishes of some various mess or another, had not been of the most inviting of meals; and though the chops here were the size of a small leg of mutton and had the longest bones I ever saw, hunger was the best of appetisers, and we did credit to our meal, which had been cooked by our host.

This morning we were awoke by the same kind person depositing a can of water at our door for our baths. He gets up very early, as he has to fetch the water, milk the cow, feed the calf, etc., all before breakfast and starting off for his office.

There is a man-servant here who gets 5 to 6 pounds a month, apparently to do nothing, as he is the only one on the premises who can afford to be idle and smoke his pipe of peace; but servants are so difficult to get in this country, and our host being on the move, having got a better Government appointment at Perth, is anxious not to change now, so, like everybody else, puts up with anything. The last servant they had in this house was the son of a colonel in the English Army, who was described as "a nice boy but very lazy"; but this man-servant hasn't even the recommendation of being nice.

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