Two Years Before The Mast A Personal Narrative Of Life At Sea By Richard Henry Dana, Jr.

 -   Every one then
laid down, except one man in each top, to overhaul the rigging,
and the topsails were hoisted - Page 270
Two Years Before The Mast A Personal Narrative Of Life At Sea By Richard Henry Dana, Jr. - Page 270 of 618 - First - Home

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Every One Then Laid Down, Except One Man In Each Top, To Overhaul The Rigging, And The Topsails Were Hoisted

And sheeted home; all three yards going to the mast-head at once, the larboard watch hoisting the fore, the

Starboard watch the main, and five light hands, (of whom I was one,) picked from the two watches, the mizen. The yards were then trimmed, the anchor weighed, the cat-block hooked on, the fall stretched out, manned by "all hands and the cook," and the anchor brought to the head with "cheerily men!" in full chorus. The ship being now under weigh, the light sails were set, one after another, and she was under full sail, before she had passed the sandy point. The fore royal, which fell to my lot, (being in the mate's watch,) was more than twice as large as that of the Pilgrim, and, though I could handle the brig's easily, I found my hands full, with this, especially as there were no jacks to the ship; everything being for neatness, and nothing left for Jack to hold on by, but his eyelids.

As soon as we were beyond the point, and all sail out, the order was given, "Go below the watch!" and the crew said that, ever since they had been on the coast, they had had "watch and watch," while going from port to port; and, in fact, everything showed that, though strict discipline was kept, and the utmost was required of every man, in the way of his duty, yet, on the whole, there was very good usage on board.

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