Tracks Of A Rolling Stone By Henry J. Coke

 -   Not ten minutes afterwards, whom should I 
stumble upon but the ruffian who had seized the Emperor's 
bridle?  The same - Page 370
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Not Ten Minutes Afterwards, Whom Should I Stumble Upon But The Ruffian Who Had Seized The Emperor's Bridle?

The same red comforter was round his neck, the same wild look was in his face.

I turned after he had passed, and at the same moment he turned to look at me.

Would this man have been at large but for the Emperor's orders? Assuredly not. For, supposing he were crazy, who could have answered for his deeds? Most likely he was shadowed; and to a certainty the Emperor would be so. Still, what could save the latter from a pistol-shot? Yet, here he was, sauntering about the badly lighted streets of a town where his kenspeckle figure was familiar to every inhabitant. Call this fatalism if you will; but these were not the acts of a coward. I told this story to a friend who was well 'posted' in the club gossip of the day. He laughed.

'Don't you know the meaning of Kinglake's spite against the Emperor?' said he. 'CHERCHEZ LA FEMME. Both of them were in love with Mrs. - '

This is the way we write our histories.

Wishing to explore the grounds about the palace before anyone was astir, I went out one morning about half-past eight. Seeing what I took to be a mausoleum, I walked up to it, found the door opened, and peeped in. It turned out to be a museum of Roman antiquities, and the Emperor was inside, arranging them.

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