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often spoken to of the danger he ran in crossing the Phoenix 
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Bourke I Had Often Spoken To Of The Danger He Ran In Crossing The Phoenix Park Nightly On His Way Home, On Foot And Unarmed.

He laughed at me, and rather indignantly - for he was a very vain man, though one of the most good-natured fellows in the world.

In the first place, he prided himself on his physique - he was a tall, well-built, handsome man, and a good boxer and fencer to boot. In the next place, he prided himself above all things on being a thorough-bred Irishman, with a sneaking sympathy with even Fenian grievances. 'They all know ME,' he would say. 'The rascals know I'm the best friend they have. I'm the last man in the world they'd harm, for political reasons. Anyway, I can take care of myself.' And so it was he fell.

The end of Horsman's secretaryship is soon told. A bishopric became vacant, and almost as much intrigue was set agoing as we read of in the wonderful story of 'L'Anneau d'Amethyste.' Horsman, at all times a profuse letter-writer, wrote folios to Lord Palmerston on the subject, each letter more exuberant, more urgent than the last. But no answer came. Finally, the whole Irish vote, according to the Chief Secretary, being at stake - not to mention the far more important matter of personal and official dignity - Horsman flew off to London, boiling over with impatience and indignation. He rushed to 10 Downing Street. His Lordship was at the Foreign office, but was expected every minute; would Mr. Horsman wait?

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