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 -   And are 
not the deepening shades of our declining sun deepened by 
youth's contrast?  Whatever our sweetest songs may tell - Page 30
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And Are Not The Deepening Shades Of Our Declining Sun Deepened By Youth's Contrast?

Whatever our sweetest songs may tell us of, we are the sadder for our sweetest memories.

The grass can never be as green again to eyes grown watery. The lambs that skipped when we did were long since served as mutton. And if

Die Fusse tragen mich so muthig nicht empor Die hohen Stufen die ich kindisch ubersprang,

why, I will take the fact for granted. My youth is fled, my friends are dead. The daisies and the snows whiten by turns the grave of him or her - the dearest I have loved. Shall I make a pilgrimage to that sepulchre? Drop futile tears upon it? Will they warm what is no more? I for one have not the heart for that. Happily life has something else for us to do. Happily 'tis best to do it.


THE passage from the romantic to the realistic, from the chimerical to the actual, from the child's poetic interpretation of life to life's practical version of itself, is too gradual to be noticed while the process is going on. It is only in the retrospect we see the change. There is still, for yet another stage, the same and even greater receptivity, - delight in new experiences, in gratified curiosity, in sensuous enjoyment, in the exercise of growing faculties. But the belief in the impossible and the bliss of ignorance are seen, when looking back, to have assumed almost abruptly a cruder state of maturer dulness.

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